The Unforgettable Australian Gold Coast

Australia’s eastern shore contains many amazing habitats and natural wonders, and the beaches that grace this stretch of the Australian are most definitely among the most alluring in the world. On the eastern coast, and in the nation as a whole, surely among the most famed and gorgeous destinations, whatinasia with more than enough reason, is Gold Coast City and the wider area of the Gold Coast.

This strip of beautiful shoreline and hinterland is situated in the southeastern corner of the state of Queensland, and happens to be located a relatively quick drive south of the state capital, Brisbane. The city is the biggest city in the country among the non-capital cities, and this is in large part due to the tremendous rate of growth of the tourism sector in the Gold Coast. Braking news

The area blends the extremes of urban, modern life on the one hand and pristine ecological settings on the other hand like no other place on the planet. The most developed portion of Gold Coast City, sitting right on the waterfront on a sand bar, is brimming with high-rises and all of the luxuries and comforts of modern life; then, the areas farther inland as well as the beaches farther from downtown, including the rainforest area in the Gold Coast hinterland, provide the ideal sanctuary for nature lovers, picnickers, and just about anybody looking to get away from the bustle of life in the center. investorpedia

One of the most striking things about the Gold Coast is the maze of man-made waterways that have been ingeniously crafted out of the naturally swampy terrain. In fact, the Gold Coast has approximately nine times the amount of canals that Venice has! This preponderance of waterways means that there are many more waterfront properties than those strewn along the beach, a fact that increases the appeal of the Gold Coast.

The excellent surfing conditions to be found in the Gold Coast are perhaps its biggest claim to fame: at the national and global level, the surf breaks here are prized like few others. At spots like Kirra, Burleigh Heads or Surfers Paradise there is just about always going to be a perfect wave right about to break not far from shore, at almost any time of the year. For more info visit these sites; buycocaineonline

Given the excellent beach conditions and the temptation to take a dip experienced by everybody, there is a professional and extremely competent Shark Control Program carried out by the state government, and it is credited with sparing beachgoers from shark attacks since the late 1950s…an eternity! Under the watchful gaze of these professionals, tourists and locals alike can take a dip without cause for concern.

Local favorite spots include such buildings as the Q1 tower, a looming edifice with the second-tallest observation deck in the southern hemisphere, giving a privileged perspective from over 750 feet in the air in all directions. Another landmark, located in the Gold Coast hinterland, is the Lamington National Park, listed by the UN to be a World Heritage Site due to its biodiversity and beauty. Finally, practically every slice of beach happens to be a landmark of its own.



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