Can Full Lace Wigs Be Dyed?

A new era has risen for hair replacement options and has become one of the most sought out systems in the market. This high demand product has become commonly known as a full lace wig. It is a hair system that is meticulously hand-woven to a lace base, generally made from real human hair and is traditionally applied with the use of adhesives.

We have seen models and celebrities wearing them on the catwalk or on the red carpet, which proves how these wigs can completely alter and improve your appearance in any day and age. Not only does it appear natural on, but it provides style flexibility and even the ability to alter the color and texture through the use of professional styling products. However, precautions must be taken when attempting to do so.

Some women are known to be spontaneous with their decisions or the complete opposite and are simply indecisive. When it comes to their hair, red wig it’s not uncommon for them to be weary of the texture and color they’ve chosen. Going from straight to curly can be nerve wrecking and if it’s done on your natural hair, it’s virtually impossible to reverse the procedure immediately. In addition, changing your hair color from dark to light can be amazing or a complete disaster. However altering a lace wig’s texture, or color can be an ideal solution for many individuals seeking a fresh look to their appearance.

When considering dying your unit, its best to understand what type of hair can be easily dyed. Remy hair is considered processed; therefore although they may take dye from dark to light or light to dark, it would have to be through the use of professional products or commonly known as permanent dye. Virgin hair on the other hand can be easily dyed with mild or strong products, since many of them come in a natural color tone, which poses little to no difficulty in altering the color to a lighter shade such as red or blonde.

That being said, one of the things that you should consider when purchasing a full lace wig developed from Remy hair is the kind of dye that was used during the manufacturing process. You will find it hard to change if a clothing dye was used instead of the hair dye. However, with a little help of a hair color remover, you can definitely achieve that desired tone. For successful results, use a mild shampoo and a deep conditioner after dipping the hair into the remover formula. Lastly, ensure not to leave it there for too long, as it will bleach your hair.



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