More on the Delights of Giving Ideas a “Go”

Throughout our 3 years of travelling, my twin sister and I kept giving our ideas a “go”. We all have ideas; they pop up unexpectedly at the oddest of times. It’s so easy to ignore ideas that pop into your head, but we didn’t and this led to us doing some amazing things. Usually, giving our ideas a “go” involved just a simple phone call or letter; it was so easy. drivingschoolintoronto

After a summer working in Cornwall in England, we had the idea of working in a winter resort. Why not? We looked into it and a new ski center was opening in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland. We wrote straightaway. They asked us to arrive at the Aviemore Ski Center in a month’s time.

One month to fill in. No way were we going back to London. We didn’t like London the last time we were there and we particularly didn’t like where we stayed, the strict Helena Club for young women. We found an old newspaper clipping advertising an apple-picking job at Tullens Toat Apple Orchard in Pulborough in West Sussex. The ad was a month old, but we rang anyway. Lucky for us, two pickers had just left unexpectedly and, before we knew it, we were living in a little caravan at night and picking delicious Cox Orange Pippin apples by day; still my favorite apple

Aviemore was fantastic. We arrived by train in the wee hours of the morning to a winter wonderland. It was quiet and still at that hour of the morning and snow was everywhere; the yellow lamps on the station casting a golden glow. We spent the winter working at a cosy and quaint Austrian restaurant called Das Stubel, wearing crisp white blouses and traditional dirndl costume, eating schnitzels and delicious apple strudels piled high with thick cream.

The apres ski life was terrific and we had such a good time, it wasn’t until our last month there that we hit the slopes to try our hand at snow skiing.

If we hadn’t given our fleeting idea a “go” and written that letter, we would probably have stayed in London doing “temp” work until we saved enough money for the traditional European tour, like most of our shipboard friends. Instead, we got to experience the delights of living and working in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland.

We did do “temp” work in London much later and thoroughly enjoyed it, but we wouldn’t have missed out on our Scottish sojourn for quids. Helen’s best job in London was at Columbia Pictures and mine was a 2-week stint at the Daily Mail, working for the famous gossip columnist, the late Nigel Dempster, who gave me tickets to Edna Everidge and the afternoon off for spelling the word “vying” correctly. temp-mail

After Aviemore, we did the traditional European trip with Rosie and Helen, sisters who shared our cabin aboard the huge white liner “Orcades” from Melbourne to Southampton in England. We travelled in their newly-purchased Hillman Minx and camped all over Europe. We had a great time. Helen and Rosie had planned the whole trip carefully, but it wasn’t as exciting or adventurous as giving our ideas a “go.”



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