Paris – The City of Light

One of the main pleasures of Paris is the fact that it is not only compact but that it has one of the most efficient public transport systems in Europe. However if you really want to experience the delights of Paris, sokaworld do yourself a favour, WALK. This way you will not only experience Paris it will become part of your very existence, your soul. In the film Sabrina the actress Sabrina makes the remark ” I found myself in Paris” It is true, a walk along the Seine or a stroll through one of the many delightful parks in Paris renders your very soul, captive to the vibrant beating heart of Paris.

Another way to become infatuated with Paris is to take a romantic trip on the River Boat. Where else in the world, can what can only be described as a bus on water, actually takes on the disguise of one of the most romantic experiences of your life. The River boat actually pierces the thriving heart of Paris giving access to some of the most wonderful treasures Paris has to offer. Paris at night is an experience you will remember for eternity. The Eifel Tower twinkles across the vast expanse of the city of light, signaling to the world all the hopes, desires and love that life has to offer. kinmagazine

Nowhere else in the world can Romance truly be experienced other then in that vibrant heart of Paris? Imagine a romantic meal on a balcony overlooking a beautiful dark river with twinkling lights creating tiny little shadows dancing in the twilight, soft music romantically serenading in the background. This is Paris, enjoy, taste, see, smell and breathe the experience and you will truly learn what it is like to discover love all over again. The Eiffel Tower businesschamp

What can you say about the Eiffel Tower, Nothing symbolises Paris better, Built in 1889 it was never meant to be a permanent feature of the city, Constructed over two years it contains 15, 000 iron sections and weighs over 7, 000 tons. Standing to an height of 320 metres, it dominates the entire city. At night when fully lit it melts the hearts of all visitors to this city. The structure needs over 50 tonnes of paint just to repaint it. If you plan to climb to the top you will have to climb 1, 652 steps. One sad note that the builder Gustave Eiffel didn’t plan is that it has claimed over 370 lives in suicides over the years. businesssalt

Arc de Triomphe The Heart of Paris is actually the Arc de Triomphe, not the Eiffel Tower. From the Arc de Triomphe the boulevard’s and avenues of Paris radiate across the city of light like rays of golden sun. The Arc de Triomphe also harnesses the eternal flame of the Unknown Soldier, The French celebration of all the lost warriors of France that died to preserve its dignity. It is also the most dangerous traffic island in the world, any motorist brave enough to take the challenge of driving their automobile around this magnificent monument deserve their rightful place to sit side by side with Jupiter the King of the Gods. Take a tip from the experts, use public transport or walk if you value your life, motorists in Paris are a very strange and special breed not to be toyed with.!!.

Champs-Elysees The main Boulevard driving through Paris is the Champs-Elysees. This is the Creme de la Creme of Boulevards supporting some of the most elegant and beautiful buildings in the world. This street alone sends shivers through the heart and soul of the most ardent shopper in the world. All the great names are here, Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Dior, Givenchy are just a few to lick your appetite.

Plas de la Concorde The Champs-Elysees leads to the Plas de la Concorde, where at the height of the French Revolution Marie-Antoinette and LouisXV1were guillotined here. Walking down find yourself in the Jardin des Tuilleries, e which was laid out in1564 and now replanted to match the adjoining Louvre Malliols statues are in the shade of the chestnut trees.

The Musee D’Orsay The Musee D`Orsay is a conversion of the turn of the century railway station, housing art collections from 1848-1914, including the works of Vincent Van Gough, Rodin, Bourdelle and Maillol. For more info please visit these sites:-

The Opera De Paris Is a very ornate building situated near the Boulevard Haussmann, it displays statues of majestic winged horses, great columns and friezes, which lead to a magnificent foyer of gilded mirrors, marble and murano glass.

The Sacre – Coeur The Sacre – Coeurnot to be missed on any trip to Paris, was built in honour of the 58, 000 dead of the Franco-Prussian war. The square bell- tower was an afterthought, and houses one of the world’s heaviest bells, weighing 19 tonnes. The replacement stained glass windows here shattered during the war in 1944. The Sacre-Coeur is the second highest point in Paris, after the Eiffel Tower, so the views should not be missed..

The Musee Des Arts Decoratifs This wonderful museum is spacious and gives us an insight of development of internal design and decoration. It has an array of fine French furniture, furnishings and Objects d’art from the middle ages, it has been recently refurbished with superb art nouveau and art deco collections. On the top floor collections of wall coverings, glass and graphic arts may be viewed by appointment.

Musee Du Louvre This beautiful glass pyramid hated by Parisians, but loved by everyone else and featured recently in The Da Vinci Code shines like a diamond in the sunshine, it is full of wonderful treasures and is the world’s largest museum. Visit Mona Lisa and watch her eyes follow you along the museum. This huge collection hosts 30, 000 exhibits on three floors of three wings. Perhaps you can discover the Da Vinci code!!



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