Cruises That the Golfer Can Take in Europe

If you are planning a golf cruise to take advantage of some of the great golf courses in Europe, book a cruise there are several options. Throughout the Mediterranean and extending around to the Atlantic there are a few; maybe not as many as you’ll find in Caribbean golf cruises, but they are available. But for the golf enthusiast if he is going to Europe to play golf it is probably going to be in the British Isles. Those are the courses that are most known to Americans, as they are played in Ryder Cup competitions and the British Open.

There are a few different companies that specialize in booking golf cruises, and they will work in conjunction with some of the top cruise lines. One of the oldest and largest is GolfAhoy, which operates worldwide and features not only golf but spa options. There Caribbean cruise packages have much longer seasons because of weather conditions are better year-round. But if you want to play some of the top courses in the British Isles, since they are almost all near the water they are a natural for teaming with cruise ship lines.

So just to cite an example, there is a package that allows you to play six of the world’s most famous golf courses on a 10 day golf vacation. You start by spending two nights at the Old Course Hotel at St. Andrews, Scotland, where the package allows you to play the new course at St. Andrew. Then the cruise begins in Edinburgh after you explored this truly wonderful Scottish city. I have spent a few days in Edinburgh and I know you will get a true Scottish experience there in every way. For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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Some of the courses you will play along the cruise include the Royal Dornoch Championship Course and Royal Portrush Golf Club outside of the charming Northern Ireland village of Bushmill, home to the famous Bushmill’s distillery. Other interesting places that you’ll see on this trip are the Orkney Islands in Scotland, the Isle of Man and finally ending in the Irish capital of Dublin. All this is in the $4000 price range per person.

It should be noted that on these cruises there are a specific number of slots for those who play golf, so especially in this case it would be wise to book early. But the real beauty of this trip is it combines golf on some great British Isles courses with some truly fascinating places that you will visit. I’ve been to a number of these places and, yes the weather can be a bit dicey. But even with that this will be a trip you won’t soon forget. Just be prepared to dress for it.



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