How to Make Sure Your Cruise is a Dream Vacation

You’ve been dreaming about a cruise vacation for a long time. All your friends say it’s the vacation of a lifetime. But the fun can be significantly lessened if you don’t know some inside secrets learned by experience. Here are some pointers that will help make your cruise all you dream it will be.

First, here are a few tips about stuff to bring on a cruise. Bring binoculars to see on-board shows up close, to view wildlife, and to enjoy the landscape. Make two copies of your passport,  referral codes driver’s license, and credit cards before leaving home. If the ship’s purser holds your passport, take a copy ashore with you at ports. Leave the other copies with a friend or family member at home. If you’re prone to seasickness, bring a patch or medication—and consider requesting a cabin on a lower deck, midway between bow and stern. Don’t forget to bring an insulated mug. Onboard, fill it with your desired beverage and keep it hot or cold no matter where you go on the ship.

Second, you must decide if you’re a destination passenger or a resort passenger. Destination passengers like the idea of a cruise but their greatest excitement comes from on-shore activities at the ports of call. The resort passengers love simply being on the ship. They like the idea of being fed and pampered and entertained on a sleek ocean liner. If you’re a destination passenger, you can schedule some on-shore excursions through a cruise critic board online for significantly lower prices than you’ll schedule on-board or onshore.

Third, you must choose the type of cruise that fits you in regard to cost, ship, port activities, and stateroom. If you’re on a tight budget, brand new ships are more expensive than older ones, very short cruises (2-3 days) are usually more expensive than longer ones (7-14+ days). If you need less expensive but nice, you might want to consider Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, or Norwegian. Don’t be too impressed if a cruise line offers you an upgrade. See if it’s really any better. For example, if they simply offer you a cabin a few floors up, you may be getting essentially an identical deal: same service, same amenities, same everything. However, if they’re upgrading you at no charge to a room with a window or a balcony, that’s something to get excited about. For lower prices, book either 3-6 months early or book last minute. Days before the cruise, the line is trying to fill up the ship, so you could get a nice discount. The only problem is that most of the nicest staterooms may be taken.

Fourth, if you don’t want a cruise-full of kids, don’t book during Spring Break, For more info please visit here:- booking a cruise
book cruise online
book cruise online
cruise ship booking the holidays, or summer vacation. On the other hand, if you have kids, find out what sort of free kids’ programs are offered. Inquire for what age groups programs are offered? What sort of activities are planned? How many hours per day does the program run? Is babysitting for younger ones offered and how much does it cost? A great kids’ program can be terrific for parents needing some down time for themselves.

Fifth, one of the most popular features of a cruise ship is the dining. Here are a few hints. Decide when you book the cruise whether you want early dining or late in a main dining room. Early dining could be at 6:00 p.m., late dining may be at 9:00 p.m. Early dining gives resort passengers time to attend both early shows and late; later dining is convenient to give the destination passengers plenty of time to get back from their shore excursions. You’d be wise to confirm early/late dining times as well as seating arrangements. Mistakes are easily made by cruise personnel and you don’t want to get stuck with eight strangers at a 9:00 p.m. seating when you planned for early dinner at a table for four.

Sixth, a few little-known dining tips. On a given ship, there are burger grills, pizza shops, sandwich stands, and cafeterias, so try out different offerings at different mealtimes. At dinner, any pasta dish on the main entrée section of the menu is also available as an appetizer, so taste away! You can order as many entrees as you want at dinner. Even if they aren’t on the menu, Cappuccino and Espresso are usually free in the dining room for the asking. If you’re not crazy about the dessert offering of the evening, ask to see the children’s menu. They often list great favorites like banana splits and chocolate sundaes.

Seventh, for mailing friends, they usually offer free postcards of the cruise ship at the desk. You can bring your laptop onboard, but compose email in Notepad before you connect—at 75 cents per minute, you don’t want to be composing letters and such. Alternatively, most ports will have an internet café somewhere with rates like $3.00 for 30 minutes.



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