What’s With All of the Repeat News – Is There Just One Person or Machine Writing It All?

Okay so, I don’t know about you, but many might consider me a news junkie, and yes, I’m up on all the issues all the time, day or night, I get the news alerts just like everyone else, and do my fair share of reading, and scanning the globe for interesting topics in the world media. One thing I’ve noted that is getting a little out of control is that local papers, regional papers, and even national papers often run the exact same story which was perhaps found in the Associated Press. It’s as if everything is a re-run.

Interestingly enough, if you get your news minute by minute and second by second, by the time the newspaper is printed, it’s already old news, and you are onto something else. In fact you are more likely than not to have already read that exact article online, or an abbreviated version of it on your smart phone, or iPad. Then there are all the syndicators which seem to swipe news stories, and put them online. Many of these in-depth going viral on the social networks, and can be found in the search engines. For more info please visit these sites:- creditkranti.com

Even though 300 newspapers in the United States have already gone to online subscriptions and pay walls, a good bit of their content is already available other places, and the reality is you don’t really have to pay for it, and you probably will miss very little if you choose not to subscribe. Yes, it’s true every once in a while you will miss some piece of information that you might wish to know, but generally it seems as if all the news is copied over and over again.

The other day, I was doing a little standup comedy routine for friends, and I stated that there must just be one person writing the news, or an artificial intelligent program, and then all the newspapers just gobble up the story, and there are no more reporters anymore. There’s just one lonely person working in a back room typing away. If you doubt this is possible, there’s been times when I have written 25 to 50 articles in a 24-hour period.

In any given newspaper there aren’t generally more than 50 articles, therefore it is actually possible that one person, or perhaps just a handful are writing all the world news, and with the assistance of speech recognition software and artificial intelligence, they could do it too. The worst thing is none of us would ever know, would we? Indeed, I would like to leave you with that thought today, if you are wondering where our news industry is going, and what you can believe anymore. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.



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